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Now everybody has thought, however mine are better than yours, however that is not actaully true but i feel like writing it anyway, as i am in charge of thi sher website i can do whatever i freaking like.

No i have many thoughts some of them random, some provking other just shite, so have a look through and see the worl through a gimger persons eyes, admiddedlly a super fine and great specinim.


Newcastle United

Newcastle United - I don't roeder will ever win anything so he should be given the heave ho.
Palastine - I thing palastine is being very very badly treated, it has made people a little antisemetic but thats not really fair cos when england was treating the irish bad i'm sure ol the englishs lads were cool.

War - Iraq & Afganistation

Bag of worm's there, it is not about oil my arse its about oil cos that is the money, any crime follow the money cos it is motive,- its where Saddam Hussien keep his CD's (or used to). they should not have killed the man though he might have got rehabilitated



I am not sure what to make of all these carbon emssionss balls, i think its not quite right, people have to stop creating as much pollution, carbon is one form of it. More important is to take stock of the resources we currently have on the planet and divide it up per person to see how much we can use which is renewable. like fish in the sea and treas in the great forrests.

I think that recycling should be enforced but in a much better way, everybosy uses fizzy drinks bottles which are al the same size, these should be reused rather than melted just to make it again new.

i don't think all the right things are learned in school, i went toi a very good school (it got a gold ofsted report) but out uniforms were green, well at least they wern't red. how ever they should teach swing dance and cookery and not to gamble or take the really bad drugs.


i also thing that there should be a lot more fiestas, spanish style, every village has a party in the summer and everyone goes, the green festival up in newcastle is a million times betterthan glastonbury, it is free, totally eco cool and loads of my mates are there. but only one c'mon the people don't mind working hard if they get to have brill parties and have loads of friends.