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Vegetable Soup

Get some vedge, any mix of cabbage, onions, leeks, sweet potato, carrotts, makes for a good one, chop them up with water stick em in a pot with about 2 pints of water, 2 cubes of vedge oxo, a level tablespoon of bouillon (swedish style stock) pinch of salt. boil for about 30 mins. Then get a hand blender hold it diagonally in the pan a whizz upp as much as ya like.

Serve with pepper.

Tip - wash your hands after touching the vegetable stock its itchy stuff, makes good itching powder.


Cheap Pimms is well east to make just ask my sister how

Victoria Sponge

1 egg, flour sugar,m 180 degrees

Fish Pie

White sauce - Flour, Butter, Milk

Fish, leeks or brocoloi mashed potato

chicken wings

get some chilli sauce put that, paprika, chilli powder, chillies, honey, cumin, in a big dish get lots of chicken legs (they are the best meat and are cheap) cut them in half, muddle them up in the sauce put in the oven on the grill tray at 160 and let them cook for about 45 mins. serve with rice and peas