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Chris Evans

Not only a very funny man,he gave us Don't forget your toothbrush and TFI Friday, which made him money. But this is not why he is a hero. He gave Ken Livingston money to run for mayor, Frank Dobson jeolous insulted redheads so Chris doubled the amount. Nice one Chris your money baby, Fuck you Franky.


Van Morrson

Everybody who is anyone should know who this is, i spent the seummer of 2003 surfing in spain in a van, because it was so hot we thought the cd player was going to set on fir and it only played a few cds one of them being the best of van morrsion and it is brilliant.


James Hewitt

This is the boy that nobbed princess di and then sold his story to the papers just so that everybody new. Fucking royalty whoop every wonder why Harry is a gner?


Prince Harry

I dont really give a toss about the royal family, but prince harry smokes pot dressup as a nazi for fancy dress partys and from all acounts likes a drink, my frined russel is at sandhurst with him so one day i may meet him and ask him if he thinks James Hewit is his da.


Winston Churchill

Beat the germsan sin gkled handedly in WW2. Was a very witty man. Provving tha hitler was almost right, its not the aryans though that are teh mater race. bvut the gingers. FACT.