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The gingers have many enenies thi sis the place where we can take action, if you feel someone, or company or whatever is being antiginger contact me and i will add them. Please get use this page to get hold of them and generally pester them.


npower can go fuck themselves, no ginger should use them as a supplier, you can choose that. I was with npower and i swiched my gas supplier after i researched which company had insulted us. If you want to get in touch and air your greivences here is the place to tell them to go fuck themselves. I now tell everyone that npower are expensive and get everyone to switch i have got at least 4 people to swich. You should too.

  npower hates gingers



Frank Dobson

Labour scum, jealous of chris evans giving all round cool guy ken livingston £100,000 to become mayor said

"I am somewhat relieved really because my mum always told me to steer clear of redheads."

Chris than doubled his donation,000. Good one Chris but Still Frank is a bastard who got fired and i bet he is a paedo. FUCK YOU FRANK (use this postcode - WC2B 5DH). Dont vote for frank, or even labour for that matter, if he had said blacks or asians or muslims he would be up shit creek, but us gingers are a fair target.


  frank dobson bastart

Ronald McDonald

A red haired clown the only joke he ever does though is make kids fat, which is not funny just mean.


Christopher Columbus

Discover america and therfor americans. so to any americans out there but any country that elects bush twice really does need to be mocked.


Tim Cully

This is that fuckhead that entered big brother and hid his ginger hair and generally acted a wanker, fortunanly i do not watch much tv especially not big brother im to busy being cool. However society is at fault here for making him hide his ginger roots (hahah wot a joke damn that was good one i must write that down) Anyway fuck him he got ripped so much over here he had to move to south africa

Word on the street is that mariyn monrow was a ginge to, i wish i had been around able to check her pubes to find out, but she was crackers anyway and the fact that people don't know she is a ginger makes her an enemy of the race.