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Gingers of the world unite, well this problem is mainly a U.K one, the rest of the world is not as racist in regard to the ginger race (well not a race but a people)

A Short History
The celtics and viking were the gingers. The celtics were the original people on this island (they used to paint themselves in woad to fight off the Romans) eventually they got conquered and moved to the edges of the country, the highlands cornwall and wales (which is where the our numbers are strongest )only the feirces fighters survived. Ireland was never conquered and look how many gingers they have (those idiots still take the mick outta gingers not realising that we are the bloodline). Ginger hair was an easy way to spot a celt so we got riduiculed. Anyway that is our heritage mixed with a bit of vikings we where too hard to get conquered so all they could do was take the piss. So the reason peopel take the mick goes back centuries and is all because of the bloody Romans and they were Italians.

What really pisses me off, is that you couldn't take the mick out of blacks, muslims or any other type of ethnocit, or the disabled without it being racist or wrong, howver the gingers are fair game. i have had enough. Take Frank Dobson (the MP who got beaten by Ken Livingson for Mayor) for example, he said to be wary of redheads, imagine the public outcrt if he had said blacks.
I am ginger and proud, and have had enough with the tirade of abuse that we have to put up with. i am proposing strength through unity, I have never had a problem with another ginger in my life time as there is always a mutual respect. From now on i will strike down with gret vengence nad furoius those who opose and try to destroy my ginget brothers and sisters.






But anyways all you ginger when ya see another ginger was "wassup GING GER" and do a little nod, if anyone else users teh G word against you go mental, power in numbers and all that shit