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one of th ebest things about being ginger is having lots of friends, here are some of mine in no particular order, if your not on the list i think you should be here is the place to moan about it to me


Richie is a lucky man he met me and my crew of friends in newcastle purely by chance, he moved into our house before meeting any of us because our old landlord Thomas Fotheringham who was a bastard and robbed us of our deposits moved him in with us. Since then we introduced him to many vices. He is a football encyclopedia and his opinions become my opinions . Richine is deceptively strong, he is also a weirdo who only eats chicken, bread, fruit, cereal and crisps.Richie has a very dry sense of humour but laughs at my jokes which if catagorised i would say where intelligently bizarre. I once made him cry which I am ashamed of.

Party - 8
Humour - 8
Coolness - 6
Gingerness - 0

Total Rating - 22




James a.k.a Caves

Once when i was a kid these pikies through my skateboard in some stinging nettles so james through them into the stinging nettles, we have a bet going the first person to become a millionaire has to buy the other a dope car. Once i through a boomerang and nearly chopped his ear off. He lied to his mum and said he hit himself with it which she bought but he then made me give him all my sweets. He has a dope car and a bit of a death wish when it comes to stupidly fast bikes.

Party - 7
Humour - 6
Coolness - 9
Gingerness - 3 (beard)

Total Rating - 25

Roy a.ka Geoff (GF, Gaylord FxxkXr)

Roy is from edinburgh and a prety cool but totally mad guy. He went to jamica to live cos he though that if he lived there for 6 years or so he would be a jamaican, unfortantkly he only lasted three weeks, what a pussy. He now works on the oil rig so he can save up ebnough money to mobve to mexico and surf all the time.

This one time when we where surfing in spain he took a water shiit, but so the dump didn't go past his bak he did a handatnd and shat upside down under water. hahaha

Party - 8
Humour - 7
Coolness - 7
Gingerness - 1 (blond but will mix well)

Total Rating - 23



Robby Graham aka Lloyd, Raw B,

I first met robby in my first year of uni, this was when i was taking a piss and through the fire exit that connect my flats toilet to your his flats toliets, anyway this other ude (rilsy) was talking a piss to i said hello wahsup, he said not much just drinking some beer ab=nd absoluely noy ssmoking pot, i said me too and he invited me over, rooby happened to be there at first i could noyt understand him. anyway we used to love to fight, for some bizaare reason he always thought he won, but then he also says that he used to hate fighting me cos he always got brt, he alsio siad he loved fighting me cos i never got hurt.

Jelly O'kane