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Mum - This is my mum she is a bit of a hippy, she works with disable kids and trys to save the planet, she nags me a bit but she needs to because i have been known to be slightly lazy

Dad - My dad Paul is a true capatalist, he is rich but works far to hard for my liking, when he has had enough he does something crazy like climb a massive mountain.

Emma - My older sis is the sensible one of my parents children, she has a good job but also like to party hard, she tells me what i'm doing wrong alot but is noramlly and irritaingly quite right.

Rowan - My lil sis is the party animal of the crew she can drink more than anyone i know i think, she is training to be a nurse and is generally much nicer than me.

Kyle - My lil bro is a awesome drummer but he never shuts up about them. In quite a few cool bands but he is a homosexual so any batties readig this i'll pass on his details.